We believe in a better
construction industry for all.

About Us

We love the construction industry. Deeply. But it’s not always easy. We’ve spent over 50 years helping clients deliver their projects and resolve their disputes.

With projects becoming larger and more complex, the construction industry often suffers from delays and cost overruns that create an unnecessary burden. That’s why we’re motivated to keep helping our clients by providing them with honest, impartial and specialized advice, every day. The assistance we’ve provided our clients in resolving thousands of construction disputes has made us Canada’s leader in claims management and dispute resolution.

We work with our contractor and owner clients, alongside their lawyers, to find solutions so they can concentrate on creating cost-efficient, on-time projects that benefit society. We go one step further by helping our clients avoid disputes, manage risks and eliminate conflicts before they arise, through numerous project management and advisory services.

The construction industry and our communities are important to us.

Revay’s team across Canada works together with the goal of helping our clients and improving the industry that we all cherish.

We support our clients by lightening the load of their construction conflicts and bringing clarity to complex issues. We push our practice forward and help our clients save their valuable time and money by advocating for dispute avoidance and embracing alternative approaches to dispute resolution.

We’re Revay. We believe in a better construction industry for all.

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