Advisory Services

Trusted advisors for your construction projects.

Many of our clients turn to Revay as a trusted advisor. We bring reliable expertise and a unique perspective to assist in a number of different areas, from project inception to completion. At any stage of a project's lifecycle, Revay can provide support, advice or consultation to our clients. These advisory services include the following:

  • Risk management
  • Contract and commercial reviews
  • Surveys and studies
  • Seminars and training
  • Independent project audits, such as project health checks, or ad hoc schedule and cost performance reviews
  • Facilitation and development of lessons learned at the end of projects

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Revay's end-to-end advisory services help our clients achieve the predictable and repeatable delivery of their construction projects.

Advisory Service Spotlight – Risk Management

Revay has a keen understanding that the successful management of uncertainty is fundamental to avoiding disputes and achieving project success. That is why one of Revay's well-known advisory services is risk management.

Over the past nearly 20 years, Revay has conducted project risk assessments on a range of projects totaling well over $100 billion in value. Revay has provided risk management services in the following sectors: infrastructure, airport development, commercial development, hydroelectric power, coal power, industrial plants, LNG, mining/minerals, nuclear power, oil and gas facilities, oil sands, pipelines and upgraders.

Revay's risk management services start at the concept phase, where we work with our clients to identify the uncertainties around the overall goals and the project environment and to develop an appropriate implementation strategy. Then, during the planning phase, Revay helps our clients identify and quantify systematic and event-driven uncertainties within project plans. Risk analyses are performed at this stage, resulting in more precise baseline estimates and schedules for our clients. Revay also helps our clients develop and maintain risk registers throughout their projects, in order to support accountability for the management of risks.